Industry News - Week of Sep. 10, 2018

IN THIS ISSUE: Chrome 69 has Issues; PKI Flaw Discovered; Cisco Security Warning; Windows ALPC Exploit Patched; IBM Blockchain Bets; Google-Oracle Case Continues; Python Gains Popularity; Tesla's Ok With Self-patching

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Google Celebrates a Decade of Chrome with Errors

The tenth-anniversary edition, dubbed Chrome 69, is reportedly laggy, buggy and often doesn't render properly.

Public-key Infrastructure Compromised

German researchers have figured out how to spoof PKI security certificates, allowing eavesdropping, theft of credentials and spreading of malware.

Security Warning Involves Apache Struts

A Cisco security advisory​​ issued this week reveals three critical vulnerabilities, 19 important bugs and some medium-severity flaws.

Windows ALPC Exploit 3rd-Party Patch

An exploit of the Windows Task Scheduler first revealed last week on Twitter has been patched by a third party; the official fix comes Tuesday.

Big Blue's Blockchain Bet

It's no secret that IBM has been behind the blockchain revolution since its early days. Here are the specifics on the tech giant's key focal points.

Google Plans Appeal to Supreme Court

Latest rebuke in favor of Oracle has Google in peril over copyright infringement for Java code in Android.

Python Language Gains Popularity

Python moves to third place after Java and C in the TIOBE programming language index, ​recognized for its ease-of-use and deployment.

A Tesla Motors Inc. Software Update

Tesla Won't Mind if Drivers 'Brick' Their Car

Electric car maker Tesla said this week that it won't penalize customers doing "good-faith security research" if things go wrong.

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