Industry News - Week of Nov. 19, 2018

IN THIS ISSUE: Kotlin Improves Stability; Google Toughens Captcha; Kilogram Redefined?; Another Spectre, Meltdown Security Scare; Developing a GPS Replacement; Google Gears Firebase for the Enterprise

Kotlin 1.3 Improves Stability, Beta-tests Native Execution

Code written with the latest release of the Kotlin JVM-compliant language can now be executed without a virtual machine.


Google Toughens Captcha Bot Detector

In late-October blog post, Google unveiled reCAPTCHA 3, claiming its latest bot detection service is more automated and flexible.

Redefining the Kilogram?

Researchers have decided that instead of relying on a deteriorating piece of metal that's locked away like the Hope Diamond​, they'll use electronics for more accurate measurements in weight-critical applications such as pharmaceutical and nanotechnology research.

Spectre, Meltdown Flaws Re-Appear

A pair of security vulnerabilities reported here in January are once again in the news, and effect AMD, ARM and Intel CPUs. Or do they?

quantum gps.png

'Quantum Compass' Could Replace the GPS

British researchers, together with photonics and quantum tech company M Squared have reportedly discovered a method of geolocation that doesn't rely on satellites or other external references.

Google Gears Firebase for the Enterprise

In an effort to aid corporate development, Google this year will unveil beta support programs for its Firebase app development platform.