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Hi Im developing an app that should print pdf to a Zebra ZD420, i need to replicate something similar like what the Android printer setup app does, in which you select a file and then print, in my app it would be a pdf file, can you provide me please the the code of that app so i can do something similar, the only code i have use at this moment is this one file:///C:/Program%20Files%20(x86)/Zebra%20Technologies/link_os_sdk/android/v2.14.5198/demos/release/
It runs okay, but that example only let me print a TEST label and a a photo from my gallery.

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The Developer Demo that comes with the release of the Link-OS SDK for Android has source code you can use. The source code is in the folder of file:///C:/Program%20Files%20(x86)/Zebra%20Technologies/link_os_sdk/android/v2.14.5198/demos/src, which also has the .apk file in the release fold.

Though the Developer Demo currently doesn't print PDF, you can use the same logic of the image print to send a PDF file to the connected printer. Please note, the ZD420 supports PDF print and refer to this article to enable the PDF print on the printer before working on your application: Announcement | Printers Include Free PDF Direct with Link-OS 6.3

With the PDF print enabled on the printer, your application just needs to select the PDF file and call out the sendFileContents() API to send the PDF to the printer.