Load All-Touch TE Demo in Minutes using StageNow

Version 1

    Loading your Zebra Android Demo device has never been easier!


    With the benefit of StageNow, deploying a fully functional, self contained device ATTE demo is as simple as scanning 5 StageNow barcodes.


    What You Need:

    • Zebra Android demo device (running Kitkat OS or Higher)
    • Device WIFI configured to access Internet
    • Device must support StageNow (MX Version 4.4 or higher)
    • StageNow barcodes available here


    What To Do:

    1. Navigate to StageNow app on the Android device
    2. Scan the StageNow barcodes
    3. Wait until the process completes and startup Velocity/ATTE
    4. You're Done!


    What You Get:

    • StageNow will download and install the most current version of Velocity/ATTE (older versions will be upgraded)
    • StageNow will download and install the most current version of Speakeasy (for Voice Picking Demo)
    • StageNow with download and configure the host profiles (below)and supporting tools along with a self-contained demo server:


    {1} - [M]igrate 2.0 -Standard green screen environment

    {2} - [O]ptimize 2.0- Green screen environment with some optimization

    {3} - [M]odernization Rapid 2.0 - Modernized screens 

    {4} - [M]odernization Advanced -Modernized screens, more advanced functionality

    {5} - [S]peakeasy 2.0.wldep - Voice driven environment

    {6} - Transparent Keyboards



    Ensure your internet access includes FTP capability.  If not, try using a cellular hot spot or alternative

    For users that are interested in modifying the demo environment, refer to Zebra All Touch TE - Demo Kit article