Scanner sends keystrokes strangely after opening and closing soft keyboard on TC70.

We are developing a warehouse system and trying to support as many units as possible. We want our customers to use the latest versions of firmware, including Chrome as that is a system requirement from us. In the latest release of our software we have had trouble with the TC70s. We have customers that uses TC75, which works fine. The problem is, when opening the kiosk-chrome-app, we can scan fine, using keystroke as output. When I look in the logcat-log, the android system does a doInject after each char in the barcode(as a keystroke). But if we open and close the soft keyboard, or click on another input field, we can no longer scan without physically clicking the scanner input and opening the soft keyboard. In the logcat I can se that the system first keystrokes the whole barcode, then does a doinject foreach char, but I do not recieve any key-events in the javascript in my application. We still want to be able to use the soft keyboard. I have looked everywhere for someone with a similar problem with no success. I append pictures of the logcat at the different scenarios.

Submitting two pictures of the logcat. Where you can see that in the scenario the scanner works, it does keystroke-doinject-keystroke...

in the scenario where it doesnt work it does keystroke-keystroke-kestroke.... then doincject-doinject..

Darryn Campbell
Hi, you may find the

Hi, you may find the presentation I gave at AppForum useful about JavaScript development for our devices: there are also resources at the back of the deck.  It sounds to me like you need to consider options 2 or 3 in that deck.  The underlying cause is KeyEvents were not handled as KeyPresses until very recently (DW7.3) and not supported on the TC70

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