Bit-agnostic SDK and Drivers

Back in June, 2016, I asked if anyone had experience supporting scanners on a mix of 32- and 64-bit platforms. No replies. We have just that - a mix of different bit depths on our client PCs within our organization. Our system software, written in-house, runs as 32-bit across all PCs. I could replace all the PCs that have scanners (and scales) with 64-bit Windows PCs, but I still have to build the system as 32-bit. So why is this a problem? It's a problem because I can't load the 32-bit Symbol drivers on a 64-bit pc. The installer barks that the wrong version is being installed. Now... I noticed that there have been some improvements to the SDK and such, but it looks, still, as though the SDK is bitness-aware.


So... can anyone out there shed some light on my problem? As I stated back in June, this can't be a one-off issue. Or are we just really behind the times with our mix of client PCs? No response required for that last question.


Larry Molter

Senior Application Developer

CCS Medical, Inc.