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    Error connecting DS2278 Barcode scanner on iOS 12

    Caleb Jones

      Hey Folks,


      I have a DS2278 that I am trying to integrate into our iOS app using the Scanner SDK for iOS. I have it set to 'SSI BT LE' and 'SPP BT Classic' which makes it discoverable on the iPad, but when I try to connect it, I get an error that paining was unsuccessful and that the device is unsupported. Any pointers on how to connect this? The devices im trying to use are iOS 12.0.



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          Dmitry Prokhorov

          Hello Caleb,


          Thank you for your question. It has been escalated to provide you an answer.


          Dmitry Prokhorov

          Software Engineer, Kutir Mobility

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            Nilusha Niwanthaka Wimalasena

            Hello Caleb,


            Zebra iOS SDK currently provide support “SSI over MFI” and “SSI over Bluetooth Low Energy (BTLE). It is possible to enable one or both communication mode with Zebra SDK.

            Switch scanner mode to one of the above communication mode before using it(But with this scenario DS2278 scanners support “SSI over Bluetooth Low Energy” only).

            You can use Zebra Scanner Control Application which is available on App store to connect the scanner. With that you can distinguish the problem is in the scanner or with the client app.

            There are two ways to connect a scanner with zebra iOS demo app

            1. 1.     Manual connection
            2. 2.     Scan to connect


            Steps to connect scanner Manually with Zebra SCA

            1. 1.     After install Zebra SCA navigate to Connection help and follow instructions in “Pair DS2278” section.


            Steps to connect scanner using Scan To Connect

            1. 1.     After install Zebra SCA navigate to App Settings.
            2. 2.     Select Com Protocol – SSI over Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE)
            3. 3.     Insert correct device Bluetooth address to Bluetooth Address section.
            4. 4.     Click “Barcode” option at the bottom of the App Settings page.
            5. 5.     Scan the Barcode display in the app.
            6. 6.     Tap the “Pair” button when the “Bluetooth Pairing Request” prompt appears.


            If problem is with your client app you can use below link to navigate Zebra SCA source for more help.

            Scanner SDK for iOS Sample application source code - https://www.zebra.com/us/en/support-downloads/software/developer-tools/scanner-sdk-for-iOS.html


            Could you please provide us following information also please.

            1. Are you in a position to update scanner firmware? Do you know the procedure?

                2. What is the SDK version and exact iOS version you are using?