MC32N0 fast blinking amber

I'm hoping someone can assist me as this device is driving me crazy.  We have about 50 MC3000 series and MC32N0s in use at our stores and since I came on board,  I have already repaired multiple devices including changing out charging ports and touch screens.

I have one MC32N0 that for some reason will not charge correctly.  What it is doing:

When first placed in the cradle, the device appears to be charging.  The amber light is flashing at the normal rate and the correct icon is on the screen.  Then the device seems to start fluctuating between charging normally and thinking it is fully charged (this is with a battery at 17%).  Within 20 minutes, the amber light begins the fast blink indicating there is a charging error (as per documentation):

Charging error, e.g.:

• Temperature is too low or too high.

• Charging has gone on too long without completion (typically eight hours)

When the device is pulled off of the cradle, no additional charge has been added to the battery.  The device does not get hot from this attempt at charging either.

Things I have tried:

  1. I have replaced the battery (with a new one) multiple times, each time verifying that it is seated properly.  Each battery I have tested with works fine in all other compatible devices.
  2. I have replaced the cradle multiple times, but every cradle I have tried is working for all other devices.
  3. I have replaced the cord multiple times, but every cord I have tried is working for all other devices.
  4. I have checked the contacts for the battery - they are not bent, corroded or otherwise seem damaged.
  5. I have left the battery out overnight with no backup battery, then replaced them and tried to charge without luck.
  6. I have checked the connector port on the bottom of the device and it seems to be fine, no bent, missing or corroded pins and it  otherwise seems undamaged.

Any suggestions?

Suzanne Thompson
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