Week of July 10, 2023

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IN THIS ISSUE: Hackers Demand $70M from Taiwan Semi; Netlify to Add No-code Web Authoring; Apple Release visionOS SDK; 15 Tips for Browser Apps; AI to Replace Human Coders?; Good Look at Vision Pro

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Hackers Demand $70M from Chip Maker

Taiwan Semiconductor in late June confirmed that one of its suppliers, IT integration services company Kinmax Technologies, was the victim of a security breach, and that the attackers are demanding that TSMC pay $70 million for the return of its data. 


Netlify to Add No-code Authoring

Network services provider Netlify has acquired Stackbit, which makes visual tools for web site creation and editing. Netify will add the tools to its current stack, which integrates with most other content sources, frameworks and CMS systems. 


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Apple Releases visionOS SDK 

With far less fanfare that for its pricey Vision Pro headset, Apple In late June unveiled the visionOS SDK, the tools to allow developers to build apps for its AR/VR headset. 

15 Tips for Building Browser Apps 

When it comes to articles about software development, who doesn't like tips and tricks? Here's a list of 15 from a 20-year Microsoft coding pro.  


Stability AI CEO Makes Bold Prediction

Will AI replace human coders? One AI-company CEO seems to think so, and says it will happen within the next five years. 

Apple Vision Pro at Apple Park for WWDC 2023
Good Look at Vision Pro Headset

When it unveiled the Vision Pro at WWDC 2023, Apple's visionary headset drew mixed reviews, mainly for its eye-popping $3,500 retail price tag and its target audience of gamers. As time goes on it's still turning heads, but also changing minds. 



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