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Interest in the Cloud Connect for RFID Data Services product has been high since we launched a few weeks ago.  More information about the Cloud Connect for RFID services can be found on the Developer Portal here: 

Zebra Data Services Providing 4 New SDKs

As enterprise software developers, we want things as easy as possible.  The Zebra Data Services team understands and has created 4 new SDKs in your favorite programming languages.  Now you can work with our Data Services using an Android-Java SDK, a .NET Core SDK, a Python SDK or a JavaScript SDK.  They will soon be available on your favorite package management systems as well.

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Hi Developers!

We've added a new feature to the Developer Portal recently that allows you to easily find old forum and blog posts you created.  You can find this page under the “My Account” menu.  The link is called “My Content”.

Zebra Savanna Data Services l Video Case Studies

Hello All!

Zebra has been working with several partners in our early adopter program for Zebra Savanna Data Services.  As we have rolled out the services, we put together video case studies around these partners and how they are using Zebra Savanna.  We recently posted the second of these videos around our partnership with Doddle.  Also be sure to check out our video with StayLinked!  Find out what you can do with Zebra Savanna and what it can do for your business

Announcing Zebra Savanna Data Services!

Announcing Zebra Savanna Data Services!  Now available on the Zebra Developer Portal!  

It's not every day that Zebra announces something like a brand new Data Services platform launch.  For the past several years, we’ve been working diligently to build a system where we can open up edge data driven services.  We are now able to make a number of services available as self-service on the Zebra Savanna page.  

Services that we are providing as full production are in two product categories: