ANPRdemoUK by Imense Ltd


Partner: Imense Ltd

Application: ANPRdemoUK

Application Type: Automated numberplate recognition (ANPR)

Devices Supported: TC55, TC70, MC40, MC67

Industries: Government, Police, Transportation and Logistics

Description: Imense provides ANPR/ALPR solutions for a wide and growing range of countries in Europe, USA, and Latin America. ANPRdemoUK is a ANPR/ALPR (automated number plate/license plate recognition) demo application designed and optimised for mobile devices, providing single-click capture and accurate results within seconds. It works well in a wide range of lighting conditions, supports oblique angles, can read skewed plates, and can perform recognition across a broad spectrum of distances and sizes.  Unlike other scanning apps, this one runs entirely on your mobile device without needing a network, so there are NO data charges or network delays whatsoever, and the number plates you want to read are NOT uploaded to any server.

Click2Demo Link: ANPRdemoUK by Imense Ltd