The New World of Mobile Marketing

Remember the days when you would buy the Sunday paper just for the weekly coupons? Going through all the sales fly outs, clipping the ones you were interested in? This marketing approach was to cast a wide net, guessing at what a general cross section of the population might be interested. That approach is so yesterday.


Today businesses want to engage with consumers at a personal level; creating specific offers on products, brands and services that they know the customer is interested in, increasing their odds of a sale. How can they do that? With mobile marketing.


It may seem unbelievable, but it is estimated that today there are over 7.2 billion mobile devices, more mobile devices than people in the world. Ok, so not everyone in the world has a mobile device, but the likelihood of shopper or a hotel guest walking in with a mobile device is very high. For brand marketing, this represents an opportunity to provide a personalized shopper or guest experience based on their preferences; where they like to stay, shop, products or brands they prefer, price range, time of the day they like to shop, or types of amenities they like during their stay at a hotel.


To develop this type of connection, the brand need to have a locationing and analytics platform which not only connects and communicates with their customers, but captures the right analytics which would then be used to develop the proper set of engagements and offers specific for a customer.


In the case of retail, the retailer may want to know that the shopper is in the parking lot or just entered the store to send them the daily specials on their mobile device. The store may want to know the department the shopper is shopping in or even the isle they are in, down to what merchandise they are interested in so they could send a special offer for that day.


For hospitality, the brand would be used the mobile marketing system to welcome guest to the hotel, acknowledge their loyalty level, and let them know which room they are in, or give them a coupon for the lounge while their room is being prepared.


To implement these mobile marketing strategies, the technologies needed to interact with the customer will vary and the analytics will need to be powerful to create the right level of interaction for the ultimate customer experience.


To learn more about these use cases and the platform choices, be sure to join our webinar, Choosing the Right Location Platform to Enable Mobile Marketing, on April 2, 2015.