Collaboration at AT&T Developer Summit 2017

The Zebra team had a very busy time at the AT&T Developer Summit 2017 in Las Vegas, January 3-4. And I’m not just talking about listening to keynote speaker Joseph Gordon Levitt or hearing BLINK-182 play.



attdev2.jpgBeing a B2B company, Zebra isn’t always a household name. But once developers see our products, tools, and how they are used lightbulbs start going off. Some users are still connecting the dots that Zebra isn’t just a printer or scanner company. That’s why events like the AT&T Developer Summit, with over 1800 attendees, are so impactful for us.


This event had a young crowd full of innovative minds breaking into the Enterprise Software space. We were able to have great conversations about how we can collaborate to build solutions that provide businesses with real-time visibility into their operations, enabling them to take smarter actions and transform their organization.


‘Collaboration’ was a key word at this event and this was very evident in AT&T’s new IoT solution which pulls together tools from big name brands like Amazon Web Services and ARM. This makes the toolset very attractive for the developers as they are either already familiar with their offerings or have trust in those companies.


Developers also saw value in the visibility solutions & toolsets Zebra offered. Mobility DNA and Link-OS both provide common architectures to streamline development and help give physical assets a digital voice.


We are now excited to continue the conversation and collaboration with many of these same people at Zebra APPFORUM in Las Vegas, May 9-11.