In late September, Apple officially released iOS 11. With the upgrade to iOS 11 on iOS devices, we’ve seen people experience Bluetooth disconnection to Zebra Bluetooth enabled printers. The common symptom is that the app on iOS 11 device can no longer print labels suddenly, even though the printer appears as "Connected" in the settings. The user had to “forget” and reconnect  the printer in settings to resume printing. However, printing stopped again after one or two labels.


Here's how to fix the disconnection issue! In iOS v11 and above, due to Apple’s requirement to use version 2 of the iPod Accessory Protocol (IAP) to manage Bluetooth connections, Zebra recommends that developers place a one second delay between when they close a Bluetooth connection and when they attempt to open another Bluetooth connection. If an application adopts the changes in this way, the app on iOS v11 will work well together with our printer, no matter what firmware version is on the printer.


We will update the readme file in our SDK to share this same info. Stay tuned for more info!


[Latest Update on 2/6/2018]: Apple has released iOS version v11.2.5. Our internal testing has indicated that v11.2.5 appears to have addressed the Bluetooth connection/disconnection issues previously seen in prior releases of iOS v11. We recommend that developers experiencing issues with Bluetooth disconnections in iOS v11 move their iOS devices to v11.2.5.