Some of you may have noticed the new look of the Zebra Developer Portal. I hope this is a refreshing change for everyone. We didn’t just change the way the site looks though. We made a major change in how we are organizing the content of the site. Anyone who asked questions on the portal before would have seen that each space had it’s own forum area for discussions. This was fine when there were not a lot of products represented, but as the site grew, we found there were difficulties in users asking questions in spaces where the right people were not monitoring them. There was also confusion as to the right place to ask multi-product questions. To fix this and streamline the site, we have centralized the forums.


This does mean a few major changes to the way we recommend people ask questions. Notably, all questions need to be tagged now in order to get the right attention. Some other recommendations can be found here. Also, if you want to follow a topic and be notified when someone posts something new about your favorite Zebra tools, there is a new procedure for that as well.


As always, you can let us know how we’re doing by replying to this post or posting your feedback.