IN THIS ISSUE: Google To Unbundle, Sell Apps; More Win10 Problems; Shifting Android Landscape?; EU OKs GutHub Acquisition; Facebook War Room; A Call for Caution on Cryptos


Google to Unbundle Apps, Offer Them for Sale in EU

From the "careful what you wish for" category, Goggle last week was ordered by the European Union to unbundle Gmail, YouTube and PlayStore apps and offer them for sale separately, opening the door to a class of Android-based devices free of Google's tentacles.

Android Market Dominance Could be in Jeopardy

On the heels of the EU's order forcing Google to unbundle and sell its search app separately (see above), analysts predict a market shift in the making.


Microsoft Windows 10 Update Woes Continue

The Oct. 8 installment​​ of this newsletter reported that the Windows 10 update was causing errors and driver issues. A report last week adds BSODs to the Windows 10 dog pile.

EU Approves Microsoft GitHub Takeover

The EU giveth, the EU taketh away. The commission has decided that the acquisition by Microsoft of the GutHub online repository will cause no harm to the competitive landscape. However, the ruling was silent on harm the acquisition could do to the repository itself.


Facebook Sets Up Election-Season War Room

To address criticisms for allowing Facebook to be used as a platform for election tampering, the company has dedicated space in its Menlo Park headquarters to fight misinformation, "hate speech" and voter suppression.

Calls for Caution As Cryptocurrency Takes Hold

A watchdog group has called for regulations on cryptocurrencies, digital dollars such as Bitcoin that are under scrutiny because their transactions are anonymous and difficult to trace.