The next generation of .NET is now live!  The newest version of the Link-OS SDK for printing integrates the latest in .NET technology to provide many options for your development with a reusable code base you can easily use in multiple style applications.  This SDK now supports .NET Framework (v4.7+) and .NET Core (v2.0).  This gives the SDK the flexibility to be integrated into your Xamarin, PC, Android, and iOS apps using Visual Studio. Because the Xamarin support is now integrated with the .NET library, you get all the benefits of a full library to support printing as well as sample code demos. 

You can download the SDK from or Nuget​.

Please read the release notes for full documentation of changes.


If you experience a “Windows error 2” during installation, ensure you have Java installed and add the path to java.exe to your PATH environment variable:

Example: C:\Program Files\Java\jre1.8.0_144\bin

You may also need to delete c:\programdata\oracle\java\javapath that Java 1.8 adds to the PATH.

This updated package supersedes the LinkOS_Xamarin_SDK package. The older package is still available for download.