Browser Print v1.2.1 Released!

On November 22nd, Zebra released a new version of Browser Print.

Please be aware that once you download the new version and install it, you should be redirecting your calls to the new JavaScript with Browser Print in your apps. This new version also comes with a new sample code, so it's important that for local tests you  set up a local server in order to expect a correct behavior of the app. If you want to know how to set up a local environment for Browser Print, please go to this blog for more details.

Changes with the latest release of Browser Print

This new version is a bug fix release, addressing several issues contained in the previous version.

Self-signed certificate

After you update the JavaScript Library, you will no longer be required to accept a self-signed certificate in your browser. The self-signed certificate will be deprecated and removed in the future; currently the installation program will still perform this function to maintain compatibility with sites currently running the older scripts.

‘sendUrl’ Command

A restriction has been added to the ‘sendUrl’ command. This command will no longer function if an HTTP URL is given from a page that was loaded using HTTPS.

Other fixes

An issue with Unicode characters not printing correctly has been resolved, as well as a number of small graphical issues with the Settings window.

We encourage you to use the new version, and share with us through Zebra Developer Portal, your experiences.  We hope you enjoy this new version!

Steve Champion

This is great news, we've had issues with our https site, but quick question.

It seems to be working fine in Chrome but we have some restricted machines that have IE11 on them.  They are still barking about the invalid certificate even though I don't see a BrowserPrint certificate installed there.

Any ideas?  Did the old certificate have a different name?

Thanks in advance!!