Building Partnerships With Zebra: Enable Printing on Multiple Platforms

Are you seeking a way to print off your AS/400 or IBM I systems? Then you may want to look to Zebra ISV Partner InterForm and learn about their solution.

Interform has over 30 years’ experience developing printer output management solutions, which are deployed in over 50 countries across all kinds of industries, including automotive, manufacturing, healthcare, retail, shipping, pharmaceutical, freight forwarding, banking and food & beverage Interform provides both bespoke and off-the-shelf packages, principally for AS/400 and IBM i systems but also for other platforms such as Windows and Linux.

They have been building commands and writing ZPL (Zebra Programming Language) protocols for these platforms for over fifteen years and are the only Zebra ISV partner to deliver an Intelligent Output Management solution that gives its customers total freedom to design, handle, and distribute their documents from AS/400 or IBM i platforms.

InterForm ensures output management is:

  • Efficient
  • Accurate
  • And easy-to-manage, even remotely…

…and even if you have very strict guidelines as to the formatting, data mapping and appearance of your printed material.

InterForm400 software runs on 50,000 printers worldwide and because of the strong ISV partnership with Zebra and the Zebra Developer Team, InterForm always recommends Zebra Technologies printers and Zebra printer media.

By connecting directly with Zebra developers, Zebra ISV partners can:

  • Test individual customer cases in the Zebra test lab
  • Rely on Zebra support for choosing the right printer
  • Have access to a buy-back program

And how has InterForm benefited from working in close collaboration with the Zebra Developer Team?

  • InterForm has been able to proactively develop and release innovative software updates even faster
  • It is using Zebra sample coding and Zebra developer resources
  • And its niche technical experience has also led InterForm to be invited to join the Zebra EMEA Technical Advisory Council, where it has a voice with regards to future product features and roadmaps

This close collaboration results in InterForm being able to offer an even higher level of customer support and the very best in software solutions to its clients.

Is it time for you to also get smarter with Zebra’s PartnerConnect Partner Program and the Zebra Developer Community?

For more information about InterForm, please visit their Zebra success story or InterForm.  Or to learn about how your company could benefit by becoming a Zebra partner or by working with the Zebra Developer Team, please click on these links: PartnerConnect Partner Programand Zebra Developer Community.

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