Bluetooth Auto-Reconnection Problem with Scanner SDK for Android

I'm developing Android Application for Warehouse Management System.
Our App have simple functions.
1. Read Product ID by scanning barcode on the box via Bluetooth with Zebra Barcode Scanner DS2278.
2. Upload Product ID and Qty to WMS server.

We are using Zebra Scanner SDK for Android to connect and scan barcode with DS2278.
( )

According to the guidline,
( )
Whenever our app starts,
1) Our app must display the Generated Barcode by SDK ( Probably included special char + Device Bluetooth MAC Address)
2) User scan the Generated Barcode with DS2278, then the device show Bluetooth Connection Confirm System Dialog.
3) If the user accept the connection, Finally Our app can get the Scanned-Barcode data.

We intend to fix the device and scanner connection. ( 1 device will be connected only fixed 1 scanner. )
It will be burden that users must scan the Generated Barcode of Device MAC Address whenever they launch our application before they begin to work.
But, We cannot find any way to Auro-Reconnect the scanner with the SDK.

Is there any way our app connects to DS2278 without scanning the Generated Barcode of Device MAC Address?
We intend to connect programatically with fixed Device MAC Address and fixed Scanner ID or Scanner MAC Address or Scanner Name automatically.

I'll really appreciate if you help me.
Thank you a lot.

Same issue

Hi YOO SEOK KANG , i am having the same issue here , i was wondering if you have found a work around for this , i will also reach out if i find a solution, please let me know .


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