I want to read tag in one second through dotnet SDK


I am using FX7500 RFID. I am facing some issue.

First Issue

Issue : I want to read tag in one second through dotnet SDK but tag data is coming in millisecond.

Question : which property in dotnet SDk where i will set this condition.

Second Issue

Issue : I have already set the IST timezone but Tag FirstSeemTimeStamp value is coming in different timezone.

(e.g. Actual IST Time : 18:51:10 but tag time is coming 12:31:10)

Question : which property need to be set in dotnet SDK.

Trigger Setting


            m_TriggerInfo.StopTrigger.Type = STOP_TRIGGER_TYPE.STOP_TRIGGER_TYPE_IMMEDIATE;

            m_TriggerInfo.TagEventReportInfo.ReportNewTagEvent = (TAG_EVENT_REPORT_TRIGGER)2;

            m_TriggerInfo.TagEventReportInfo.ReportTagBackToVisibilityEvent = (TAG_EVENT_REPORT_TRIGGER)2;

            m_TriggerInfo.TagEventReportInfo.ReportTagInvisibleEvent = (TAG_EVENT_REPORT_TRIGGER)2;

            m_TriggerInfo.TagEventReportInfo.NewTagEventModeratedTimeoutMilliseconds = ushort.Parse("500");

            m_TriggerInfo.TagEventReportInfo.TagBackToVisibilityModeratedTimeoutMilliseconds = ushort.Parse("500");

            m_TriggerInfo.TagEventReportInfo.TagInvisibleEventModeratedTimeoutMilliseconds = ushort.Parse("500");

            m_TriggerInfo.TagReportTrigger = uint.Parse(1);

            m_TriggerInfo.ReportTriggers.Period = uint.Parse(0);

            m_TriggerInfo.EnableTagEventReport = false;