Getting Started With Zebra's Print DNA Toolbox

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By Courtney Adams

Welcome to Zebra’s Print DNA, part of the Zebra DNA family. Zebra’s Print DNA transforms Zebra Link-OS printers into highly intelligent, high performing, remotely managed devices; allowing Link-OS printers to have security with easy integration, all while supplying superior printing from the inside out.

In the first blog of this new series, learn how to interact and leverage the power of Zebra Link-OS printers and the Print DNA tool set. Let’s go over a quick summary of some of the great tools that will be covered in this new blog series. For a full list of Print DNA Tools, you can scroll to the end of this post. We'll feature tools allowing you to leverage your printers today and in the future because of Zebra's Print DNA set.

The Dynamic Print DNA Toolbox

Multiplatform Software Development Kit and Cloud Connect

The Link-OS Multiplatform Software Development Kit enables development of applications for PCs, smartphones, and tablets that interface with Zebra Link-OS printers and allows apps to leverage Zebra’s Cloud Connect feature, which allows you to connect your apps securely and directly to the cloud via standard WebSockets technology. Develop apps for the most popular operating systems utilizing the most popular languages.


Zebra’s PrintConnect acts as a printer driver for Android making it simple for you to add label and receipt printing to your Android solutions. PrintConnect will handle the discovery and pairing process with Zebra Link-OS printers via Bluetooth or WLAN connections; only requiring you to pass in the variable data for your label or receipt using the Android Intents system, PrintConnect will merge the data with your template and then send the data to the Link-OS printer. PrintConnect supports Cloud storage, allowing you to store your templates in the Cloud, eliminating storage constraints.

Browser Print

Zebra’s Browser Print allows you to quickly add USB or Network based printing support to your browser-based apps on popular operating systems using the latest popular internet browsers. Browser Print also allows you to perform print time status checks, which may also be added at print time.



ZebraDesigner allows you to easily create labels and tags for your business. You may make simple to complex labels – basic text to fixed variable to RFID tag labels, which you can print to your Link-OS printer.


Printer Profile Manager Enterprise (PPME)

PPME allows you to manage all networked Zebra Link-OS printers from a single location by enabling discovery of networked Zebra Link-OS printers, creation and distribution of configurations via the PPME browser, and the ability to update Link-OS printers on an independent schedule. PPME comes with built in security, allowing an encrypted connection to each printer and the ability to use Zebra’s automated Wi-Fi certificate management to automatically renew security certificates on each Link-OS printer.


Printer Setup Utilities

The downloadable mobile Printer Setup Utilities app provides several utilities that allow you to easily get your Link-OS printers powered-on, running, and configured using your mobile device.

  • Connectivity Settings Wizard – Configure your Link-OS printer’s Network and Bluetooth settings
  • Device Language Wizard – Install and manage Virtual Devices
  • Media Settings Wizard – Configure your Link-OS printer for the correct media size and type
  • Print Quality Wizard – Configure your Link-OS printer’s media for the best speed and darkness combination
  • Cloud Storage – Retrieve printer OS updates or configuration files from your Cloud storage provider and send the files to your Link-OS printer
  • Quick Tools – Access Common printer functions to confirm your Link-OS printer’s configurations
  • Security Assessment – Compare your Link-OS printer’s security settings against the current security best practice recommendations. Change your printer’s security settings based off best practice recommendations.
  • Zebra Assist – Automatically get your Link-OS printer’s configuration to send to Zebra Technical Support via email.


Full List of Zebra Print DNA Tools


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