IN THIS ISSUE- Visual Studio 2022 for Mac Goes Native; CMA Says Google Abused Power; Website as App: Thinking Outside the Box; Tweet-to-HTML Made Easy; Eclipse Adoptium Eases Adoption; There's Never Just One Bug


Screenshots of VS 2022 for Mac

Visual Studio 2022 for Mac Goes Native 

Visual Studio developers choosing macOS as their platform of choice rejoice. Microsoft has finally released a version that embraces Apple's native UI components, making the VS 2022 experience like that of other native apps. And there's so much more in the release. Get it now


CMA Investigates Google For Abuse of Power

In an example supporting the assertion that absolute power corrupts absolutely, Google is again under the microscope for its business practices. This time, the search mega-giant is suspected of limiting its competition from even entering the arena of online advertising.


Website as App: Thinking Outside the Box

As mobile browsing continues to expand its global dominance over the dinosaur desktop (currently at around 86 percent), web developers are (or should be) taking a mobile-first attitude when designing their apps. More and more, websites are the apps. Here's how to think that way. 


Tweet-to-HTML Made Easy

Ever wondered how to include a tweet intact in an email or web page? Wonder no more. This free web-based tool converts a "link to tweet" to HTML or CSS code and even includes a preview. 


Eclipse Adoptium Eases Adoption

With the idea of simplifying testing and adoption of new Java apps, the Eclipse Foundation has announced Adoptium, an open-source project that includes pre-built OpenJDK binaries and a marketplace of validated code that's free for the taking.   


There's Never Just One

Where there's one bug, there's likely to be more. That's the experience of software tester and cartoonist Torsten Zlger, whose cartoons and testing wisdom have appeared here in the last few issues. Please comment if you'd like to see more of these.