WeChat has become a pervasive social media platform in China in recent years. It has more than 1 billion users worldwide. Today, WeChat is not only a social media platform, but also quickly becoming an e-commerce and payment platform. In China, consumers can literally use WeChat payment to make purchases for anything, from department stores and street vendors, without worrying about cash.


Recently, WeChat added the mini-program capability in their platform. The mini-program provides a suite of API in JavaScript, with the ability to access hardware on a mobile device and accessories that are connected to that mobile device. We’ve created a mini-program (WeChatPrintDemo​, available on GitHub) to demonstrate how to print a label and image from WeChat. This​ provides details about the demo and caveats on writing to the characteristics from Android.


This demo runs on iPhones and Android phones and works with Zebra printers of ZQ300 & ZQ500 series mobile printers, ZD400 & ZD600 series desktop printers, and ZT600 series industrial printers that have both Bluetooth Classic and Low Energy (LE) capabilities. The demo uses Bluetooth LE API, provided by WeChat Mini-Program framework, to communicate with Zebra printers. Please refer to the​ of WeChatPrintDemo for the details of implementation. As always, let us know your thoughts and comments. Happy coding!


For a related blog in Chinese, refer to "由微信小程序打印标签及图像".