DEV { TALK } – August 17th – Want to connect a Raspberry Pi to Zatar?

The promise of the Internet of Things is vast, yet currently it’s still a challenge to get small, embedded devices connected to the Cloud. ARM is making this easier by making available free open-sourced software called ARM mBed Client. This C++ code can be made to run on many device types.


We will demonstrate how to use it on a Raspberry Pi to connect this small Linux computer to Zebra’s Zatar Cloud, providing near real-time bidirectional access and control.


Thank you to all who joined us to learn more about this innovative technology!

Please find the slides attached and the video below.

Petr Stejskal


I can't find the link for the recording of this webinar, am I blind or isn't it here yet? :-)


Daniel Quagliana

Petr, I am hoping to have the recording posted later today.

Daniel Quagliana

The video has been added to the post and to the Dev Talks playlist on YouTube: Zebra DEV { TALK } - Connecting a Raspberry Pi to Zatar - YouTube