Zebra at AnDevCon Boston

AnDevCon Boston introduced a host of developers to Zebra’s Enterprise portfolio and APIs. Zebra engineers spoke about the visibility developers can provide to their Enterprise customers through technologies such as barcode scanning, RFID, augmented reality, and other sensors and devices such as the innovative TC8000 and wearables like the Android WT6000 computer, and RS6000 ring scanner.


But we had a lot of fun as well!


Developers loved interacting with augmented reality on the TC8000 for a simulated retail shelf or trying to beat the top scores in the Barcode Blaster Android game.



The most engaging experience was at the Zebra TC8000 Hackathon where teams were challenged to come up with the most innovative apps utilizing the sensors & features of the TC8000.


Fueled by pizza and more caffeine than any normal human should consume, two teams created winning apps that earned each member the prize of a VR Headset.


  • First place team, Mr. Good Scanner, developed a line busting application for the ‘Zebra Café’ to allow guests to quickly go through the cafeteria menu, using their own smart phones scanned barcodes of items they wanted to purchase. Utilizing a 3rd party payment library, they were able to scan the barcodes of the items they wanted and complete payment with a credit card.
  • Second place team, Jazz, built a museum application designed to use barcode scanning, and in the future, augmented reality of the device to focus on and learn about pieces of art in a museum by students/visitors. The application displays and can play audio messages to describe the artwork, the history behind its creation and the artist who created it.


A huge thank you to all hackathon participants and those who visited Zebra at our booth!