Java Card SDK - Official Release

In addition to our current C# libraries for the ZXP Card printer series, we are pleased to announce the release of the new Java Card SDK. The purpose of the Java Card SDK is to provide total support for all current ZXP Card printers as to easily integrate card printing into multiple application and customer use cases. Given that the new SDK is Java-based, the SDK will allow developers to integrate card printing into their applications from Windows, Linux, and Mac OS environments, with separate installers for each. The SDK is supported across these operating systems using Java Runtime Environment (JRE) v1.6, v1.7, or v1.8. Complete documentation using JAVA Docs are also included as shown below:




Not only does the SDK encompass enhanced drawing and graphic capabilities, but all card formatting capabilities may be described in an easy-to-use XML template that can be sent to the printer. A template document may describe a card layout by defining fonts, sides, graphics, text, barcodes, shapes, and magnetic encoding.

You will find that the Java Card SDK developer demos differ considerably from that of our current C# SDKs. The Java Card SDK includes various demos demonstrating functionality such as:


  • Graphic conversion
  • Magnetic encoding 
  • Print YMCKO/Mono 
  • Printer Settings 
  • Smartcard
  • Printer Status 
  • Template printing 
  • Multi-job printing 


The following two graphics display the developer demo interface and the printer settings demo:






Some features that are not included in the SDK include:


  • Encryption
  • Encoding through internet



Download the new Java Card SDK library, documentation, and sample code here:

After clicking “Download” on the above page, you will be prompted to fill out a form. Once you have done so, you will be able to select and download the appropriate installer.


Please feel free to engage with us regarding any questions you have about the new Java Card SDK.

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Hi, Where can I download printer drivers?

Jorge Roberto Neyra

Good morning,

I have an error during sdk installation: "LaunchAnywhere error - Windows error 2 loading Java VM".

I was trying with java 1.8 on windows 10 64b and windows XP 32b. Same error. Please, could you help me?.