EB 1.6 Boosts Security, Sweetens Android Support

Edward Correia -

There's a signpost up ahead for Zebra's cross-platform development environment. With the release this week of Enterprise Browser 1.6, the solution can now be used to build kiosk apps and other secure configurations. That's thanks to integration with Enterprise Home Screen, Zebra's free device lock-down solution for Android, which replaces the default Launcher. EHS provides a simple way to control access to apps and settings on a Zebra device without writing custom code.


Also new is an Enterprise Keyboard API, providing programmatic access to Zebra's software keyboard and many of its settings. New device support in EB 1.6 includes Zebra's ET50 and ET55 devices running Android 5.0 Lollipop, TC51 and TC75 units with Android 6.0 Marshmallow and the RS6000 Ring Scanner when attached to a TC75x Marshmallow. Also notable, Enterprise Browser will no longer support Android Jelly Bean beginning with v1.6.


Three APIs have been updated: The Barcode API now supports decode sound functions formerly available only to Windows Mobile/CE devices; the Scanner API adds support for the connectionListenerEvent on KitKat devices; and the Sensor API implements a property for setting the proximitySensorType and getting its current value. Also from the "formerly Windows-only" category, EB 1.6 implements scan-decode tags, including those for setting decode volume, frequency and duration, and one for playing .wav or .ogg sound files when a barcode is successfully decoded.


A new Security Guide summarizes the numerous security features dispersed throughout EB's interfaces and the DataWedge Guide now provides version-specific instructions tailored to the DataWedge version installed on a device.


You'll also notice an "Enterprise Browser Overview" video embedded on the About page. There are also some new icons in the tab bar next to the usual download and search icons; these place direct links to additional instructional videos and the EB discussion forum to make it easier to find help. And on the subject of getting help, techdocs now leverages the power of the Google search engine to deliver faster, more relevant search results to help customers find the answers they need for the product they're interested in. Try it now! 


Edward Correia

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