As the leading developer of label management software solutions, NiceLabel is witnessing a new readiness on the part of many companies to adopt a next generation approach to labeling.  In the past, companies traditionally followed a rudimentary labeling process and used label design packages. Now companies in industries across the board recognize the many benefits of NiceLabel’s next generation label management system, which simplifies traditional tasks through modernization while unlocking the opportunity to create end user value.

As NiceLabel continues to monitor this fundamental change in the market, one of the key missions we have embraced has been to educate the end user about the opportunities and value that can be created with a more holistic approach to labeling. Our label management system has also evolved into a label and document printing platform for mobile computers that print to both stationary and mobile printers “within the four walls” and beyond (field force). Our biggest challenge is determining the best way to educate and transform the market faster by pushing our message out to companies that don’t know that the technology exists to help them with all their label and document printing.

This market transformation is being driven in large part by the kind of synergies that came into play with Zebra’s joining of the mobile computer and printing ecosystems. NiceLabel contributes to that synergy by providing the software glue that connects mobile computers to the printer world. In the process, we allow ISVs to create greater value more quickly by streamlining and modernizing labeling, while also allowing them to focus on the core added value they create with their applications.

NiceLabel will uncover how you can capture the opportunities that a label management system unlocks at Zebra’s APPFORUM 2017 event, which is taking place May 9-11 at Planet Hollywood in Las Vegas. We will host a session where we’ll discuss printing for mobile computers and modernizing and creating new apps using a label management system. We’ll also go into detail and share how NiceLabel empowers ISVs to deliver better solutions to customers by bringing Zebra mobility computers into the label management ecosystem. 

We see interesting applications in the label management system market such as label printing in the warehouse, re-tagging within retail distribution centers, label and document printing in retail stores, label and document printing in field force, and many solutions in the life sciences for customers facing regulatory pressures. We’ll also discuss these developments at APPFORUM.

In addition to our session, NiceLabel will be conducting hands-on demos at a booth in the exhibit area at APPFORUM. We’ll demonstrate a system that dramatically simplifies printing from mobile computers and empowers business users to create documents and make changes in seconds via a next generation designer application that has a user experience similar to most modern office applications. We’ll also show how companies can check these changed documents into a web-based document management system which assures that the changes are controlled and automatically provisioned to all the mobile computers within the environment. This also brings in quality controls that have a massive impact on reducing direct costs for the end user. We’ll also demonstrate the API that allows you to use this system from a Zebra mobile computer with only a few lines of code. Last, but certainly not least, we’ll share how labeling intelligence that in the past was only possible from a PC application, now applies to mobile computer applications, thereby opening fresh avenues for creating new label and document printing applications. 

The long-standing 10 year+ partnership between Zebra and the executive team at NiceLabel connects our organizations in a unique way and gives us an excellent understanding of Zebra as a company as well as its technology and the needs of its customers. As proud participants in Zebra’s ISV program, we will continue to provide the platform and the technology that helps other Zebra ISVs deliver better solutions to drive Zebra printers and integrate Zebra mobile computers with those printers. We think this is a very powerful story and we hope to share it with you when we meet at APPFORUM 2017.