Use this procedure to add money to your account with Zebra. Follow the steps to configure your credit card with Worldpay, Zebra's e-commerce payment gateway.

When to Use this Procedure:

  • You have tested the APIs and are ready to go into production.
  • You have depleted your trial API use credit.
  • You have depleted your account.


  1. On the top right corner of any page, Click on MY ACCOUNT
  2. Select Balance and plans

  1. On the Balance tab, click Prepaid Balance.


Note: Any remaining balance is displayed in the Current Balance column.

  1. Under Operations, click Add Credit.

  1. Select your login as the Add Credit Target
  2. Enter a value in the Amount to add box.
    A recommended starting value is $10.00.

  1. Click Checkout to proceed to next step.

Note: If you set up a package before, your billing address displays on the Checkout screen.

  1. Enter your billing address on the Checkout screen if it is different from your company address.
  2. Click Continue to next step.
  3. If everything looks good on the Review Order screen, click Continue to next step.
  4. Enter your payment information.
  5. Click Make Payment.

When you are finished, the ** Order summary ** screen displays confirming your order.

Note: You can always review your orders by clicking MY ACCOUNT at the top of any page and selecting the Balance and plans tab.