Using RFD8500 RFID scanner in Flutter / ReactNative / Xamarin App


I have a need to develop an App that should work in both Android and iOS devices. The "ONLY" prominent requirement for me is that my App should communicate with RFD8500 scanner to scan UHF RFID tags.

Since my App MUST work in Android and iOS devices, instead of creating a "native" App, I'm going to create a "Cross Platform" App.

Flutter on MC18


We are experiencing major problems on the SymbolZebra MC18 in combination with Flutter. We've built apps using DataWedge on MC18 and PS20 devices, but performance on MC18 is terrible, making the device unusable. User presses a button and the app freezes for 2 seconds... We know this is a rather old device with a limited CPU/GPU, but performance is ok, when these lag spikes are gone. We have already filed a issue for it for the Flutter Team (flutter/flutter#71315), but we're wondering...

Flutter plugin for Zebra SDK

Currently ZEBRA development offers supports for Desktop(using Java and .NET), Cross Platform Xamarin, Android and iOS native, Web Services, Windows Mobile(which is deprecated)...

I was wondering if there are plans to support Flutter development?

I have found some threads about requests of a Flutter plugin for instance:

Sunmi L2 with Zebra Scanner head and Flutter application

Hello folks,

My client had Sunmi L2 Android devices that having Zebra scanner head for their workforce. They had approached us demanding a few quick workflow mobile apps to be built within no time. Flutter is the preferred choice for mobile application development.
I am new to this and unsure whether we should be able to integrate scanner with Flutter as suggested in this thread https://developer.zebra.com/thread/36924 .

Anyone got any insight to this?