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DEVTALK - Democratizing the World of Machine Learning - Wednesday, Dec. 12th - 10 am CDT

This introduction to Machine Learning will walk through the basics of Machine Learning and how it is being applied in Enterprise use cases today. We will dive into a sample application built for image recognition using TensorFlow to show how to get started in this hot new space.

DEVTALK - Securely Synchronize Locally Stored Data With Couchbase and Zebra - Wednesday, Sept. 12th 10:00 am CDT

As a global leader in rugged Android Enterprise, Zebra Technologies empowers those on the front line of industry to achieve a performance edge. Couchbase Mobile extends the Couchbase Data Platform to the edge, securely managing and syncing data from any cloud with every mobile device.

DEVBITES: Nibbles of Tech Tips for Developers - The EMDK Series August 2018

We are excited to launch our new DEVBITES YouTube series: Nibbles of Tech Tips.  This month we are covering topics related to our EMDK or Enterprise Mobility Development Kit. You can find sample projects referenced in these videos on GitHub.

Zebra DEVBITES: EMDK – Including EMDK Inside Your Projects

DEVTALK - Why you should use F# with Zebra devices - Wednesday, July 18, 2018 @ 10:00 am CDT

This webinar is an F# introduction for Java / C# Programmers that develops for Zebra devices. We will cover the practical advantages of F#, status of F# support in Xamarin and will walk-through a couple of Xamarin Forms and Xamarin.Android sample apps featuring DataWedge API and Xamarin EMDK integration. We will finally demonstrate a Weblink endpoint completely written in F# for Zebra printers.

DEVBITES - Components of EMDK

Introducing DEVBITES, Nibbles of tech info and tech talk for developers.

In our first series learn about:

  1. 1. Title:  Datawedge Keyboard Output  

This video covers how to use one of DataWedge’s most used features : keyboard emulation. This will allow you to utilize your scanner in your Zebra Device with little to no overhead!