Front Panel Password Protection for Link-OS™ Printers

Front Panel Password Protection

The latest release of Link-OS™ adds the ability to protect access to the Front Panel. This new feature requires entering a password before modifying a Front Panel item.


This capability is available to all Link-OS printers with a Front Panel, except for the standard QLn220, QLn320, ZQ510 and ZQ520 printers. To use these new front panel password features on your Link-OS printer, update the printer to one of the following Operating System builds (or later):


Printer Model Type

Link-OS Build

QLn Series

V68.19.13Z or later

ZT200 Series

V72.19.13Z or later

ZD500 Series

V74.19.13Z or later

ZT400 Series

V75.19.13Z or later


Printers that have this capability have a new item in the “Tools” menu – “Password Protect”, which provides the following three option levels of protection:

  • ALL

o    All Front Panel Items that can be modified are protected


o    Protects a pre-selected set of items on the Front Panel.

o    The pre-selected set of protected items are listed in Appendix 1 in the linked Application Note below

o    Which items are protected can be changed by modifying Front Panel WML script files

  • NONE

o    None of the Front Panel items are protected when this setting is selected.


Password Protection Commands

There are two Set-Get-Do (SGD) commands and one ZPL command that control the Front Panel password system.

  • display.password.level

o    This SGD sets the password protection level.

o    Choices are “all”, “selected”, and “none”. (See above)

  • The default value for QLn420 and the Healthcare models of QLn220 and QLn320 is “SELECTED”.
  • The default value for ZT230, ZT410, ZT420, ZD500 and ZD500R is “NONE”.
  • display.password.current

o    Sets the current password.

o    For security purposes, when retrieving this value via a getvar, only “*” is returned.

  • ^KP

o    This is the ZPL command that sets the password. (See the Zebra Programming Guide)

o    ^KP and display.password.current are two ways of setting the same password.


Click to read the full Application Note on Front Panel Password Protection for Link-OS Printers