Link-OS® Printer Operating System Syslog


Syslog is an industry standard device management system for message logging.

For a general understanding of syslog, use the reference Wikipedia:


Link-OS Printer Syslog Feature

Zebra Link-OS-enabled printers have supported syslog since VXX.19.7Z firmware. This allows the printers to fit seamlessly within a customer’s existing device management solution.

The user can select the severity level (and above) on which to view messages. The syslog severities, shown here in priority order using the “Severity Abbreviations,” are:


EMERG system is unusable

ALERT action must be taken immediately

CRIT critical conditions

ERR error conditions

WARNING       warning conditions

NOTICE normal but significant condition

INFO informational (noise, most syslog messages)

DEBUG Zebra debug-level messages


Syslog messages from Zebra Link-OS printers are formatted in the following way:


[Feature] [Severity Abbreviation] [ Message Code] Message


• The Feature is a brief description of from where the syslog entry is originating.

• The Severity Abbreviation is defined above and corresponds to the severity of the message.

• The Message Code is a unique hexadecimal value that identifies the particular message.


Sometimes, different messages can use the same message code if they pertain to a similar area. The message is a text field in English that further describes the syslog entry. This format allows for more advanced systems administrators to filter particular messages of interest.


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