The newly released v2.11 SDK includes support for Bluetooth Low Energy (BTLE) in the Java-based Android and PC toolkits. You can now quickly add BTLE support to Java-based apps for use on Android and PC devices. This SDK lets you save considerable time as you develop your own solutions.


New Source Code, new Developer Demos and documentation in the Zebra SDK make adding BTLE simple and straightforward. We’ve also expanded the use of our very fast “large file transfer” MultiPartForm technology to support additional use cases, such as creating printer profiles and sending fonts or graphics to printers. The new SDK also offers additional graphic conversion methods as well as a new “file freshness” feature that can help you detect if the contents of a file on the printer are changing.


This new SDK supports all of the Mobile, Industrial or Desktop printers in the Link-OS family, including the iMZ, QLn, ZQ500, ZT200, ZT400, ZD500 or ZD400 series.


To download the SDK, go to our LINK-OS MULTIPLATFORM SDK page.


For more information, go to Zebra’s Application Note Link-OS® Environment Bluetooth® Low Energy.