New Developer Tool Released - Browser Print

Connecting to and receiving data from a printer through Web apps has been a very complicated process for developers. Zebra Browser Print makes adding print capabilities to Web-based apps simple and straightforward. Browser Print even enables bi-directional communication between a Web app and printers connected to a PC via local ports, such as USB. This, along with clear documentation and sample code, gives the ability to implement best practices by checking printer status, and making real-time decisions based on the information, conveying that information via the UI.


Zebra’s Browser Print allows webpages to communicate with Zebra peripherals connected to a given computer. This allows cloud-based applications to print to virtually any user’s printer. Currently, Browser Print supports the Windows 7 and 10 operating systems, Google Chrome and Internet Explorer browsers, and Zebra printers connected via USB.


Learn more and get access to the free Browser Print download.


Key Facts

Browser Print:

  • Supports major PC operating systems so your website is more portable.
  • Includes a client app and a JavaScript library to make it easy to integrate into websites.
  • Is bi-directional to allow for status checking and printer setup as well as printing.
  • Is compatible with many Link-OS and ZebraLink printers, including the ZT200 Series, ZD500 Series, ZD400 Series, and the LP2824+ printers.


Supporting Quotes

Andrea Betancourt, Development Manager, Servibarras

“The Browser Print driver speeds up the development process because the driver allows you to control the status of the printer without the need to develop complex code. In addition, the driver is able to detect all types of Zebra printers installed on a PC or internal network. This driver makes it easier to configure printers, and at the same time, simplifies software development.”


Marcelo Neves, Lead Developer, Nubo Solutions

"Zebra Browser Print helped us to improve our product by allowing it to automatically discover local printers as well as detect and properly handle errors that may occur during the printing process."


DEV { TALK } – September 7 - Interested in Connecting a Printer to a Web App?


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UPDATE: New features have been added recently! Browser Print Update!

Greivin Montero


Is it possible for a bluetooth connected Zebra printer (like iMZ) under W8.1 tablet? Is bluetooth connection considered a local connection?

I'm not clear since first says "printers connected to a PC via local ports, such as USB" and after says "printers connected via USB".


Darryn Campbell

Hi Greivin, We currently only support USB connections with this tool.  We do support W8.1 with USB though.

Darryn Campbell

Hi Robin,

is it possible to use this tool in local network, where only one computer has direct usb connection with printer, and shares is to other?


hasan cakir

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I have web application that will print labels.

I download and setup zebra browser print driver on my computer. I developed web application on my computer,and everthing was fine.I got print out successfully on my computer.

And then,I published my application on host.Again,I could get print out.

But here is the problem; When I tried to get print out from another pc,the driver did not work.I mean,the driver couldn't find the printer.

my computer and other pc has same features :

  • Windows 10 64 bit operating system,
  • Zebra Designer 2.0
  • Zebra Browser Print driver,and the printer is zebra GC420t.

I spend my two days with this problem,but I couldn't find out why.

shaoxiong wang

Does it support GT800/GT820 OR GK888T?

Anonymous (not verified)

Hi, While technically it was not tested with those models, they are very similar to the GK420d, and should not have issues.