RFID Announcements

Anonymous (not verified) - August 29, 2017

RFID has been around for a while and Zebra has always been at the forefront of this technology.  Despite it's great promise, it's been a very slow technology to take off.  Now that IoT has jumped the gap, RFID technology is catching up as a good, inexpensive way to enable unique locationing, a critical part of IoT.  Zebra has recently announced a few new RFID encoding products to market that we thought might fit your solutions.



If you are developing for RFID, here are some helpful links.  RFID is handled the same way as ZPL and you can use all of the same tools as with standard Zebra Link-OS printers.

RFID Programmers Manual


Link-OS Tools and Utilities


Anonymous (not verified)

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