Developer tools survey - Have your voice heard

Calling all developers targeting our mobile computing products

We would love to get your feedback to help us determine the key features required to develop and improve our developer tools portfolio.  All inputs will be taken into direct consideration by those responsible for shaping the future of our Developer Tools portfolio.

You can give your feedback in two ways:

1. Survey

Complete the survey at Survey monkey: .

This should take about 5 minutes of your time, can be done anonymously and all responses will be reviewed by our product teams.

2. Discussions

Discuss the questions openly with our product management team.  I have set up discussion topics for each of the questions here:

  • Zebra currently supports both Mac and Windows platforms, integrating with Visual Studio and Android Studio.  What other development platforms or environments should Zebra support?

  • Zebra currently support developing native applications with both Java and Xamarin; our Enterprise Browser product also offers an option for Javascript developers.  Are there any other programming languages you feel Zebra should support?
  • Given free reign over Zebra developer tools for mobile computing, what improvements would you make?  New features?  Long standing issues?  Industry / Vertical specific features?
  • If Zebra were to support development for non-Zebra devices, allowing you to target multiple vendors with a single application, is that something you would find interesting or useful?
  • Zebra currently only supports English for our developer tools, should we prioritise support for other languages?
We really appreciate you taking the time to fill in this questionnaire or participate in the discussions. 

We are doing this to get feedback on the current state of our Developer tools (EMDK for Android / Xamarin, Enterprise Browser, DataWedge etc... anything listed on our Techdocs page )

Thank you in advance,


on behalf of the Enterprise Mobile Computing Business Unit - Software Product Management team (or EMC BU - SW PdM for short)