Zebra DEVPODCAST - The Best Holiday Present : GMS (Google Mobile Services) and Nougat Treats

Our hosts Dan Quagliana, Head of Global Developer Relations and Mark Jolley, Sales Engineer, Strategic Sales & Developer welcome Darryn Campbell, Zebra Software Architect in this week's podcast.

Darryn dishes on some new features for Enterprise developers that just launched with Nougat on our new TC20 as well as our TC70x/TC75x series, TC51 and TC56 , including multi-windows, a refined Doze feature and notification enhancements. Darryn is also a master blogger when it comes to GMS on the Enterprise. He explains what it is and why you want it. Check out some of his blogs:  Android N and Understanding Google's Terms of Service.

To learn more about GMS in The Enterprise, join Darryn on our next DEV { TALK } January 17th at 10 am CDT    Working with GMS in Your Enterprise Deployment DEV { TALK } Wednesday, January 17th 10 AM CDT -  Working with GMS in Your Enterprise Deployment

And we could not wrap this year without a joke from Mark Jolley!  Find out what is his favorite present!

We'll be ready for you in the new year!  May you have a safe and happy holiday season.

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