Industry News - Week of Dec. 18, 2017

Standing Up for Sitting Down


Exoskeleton from German startup Noonee allows workers who must stand on the job to sit whenever and wherever they wish.


Using Shopper Behavior Patterns to Bring Them Back

Founded by a man with shopping malls in his blood, San Francisco-based Euclid offers analytics tools that use real-time shopping data and machine learning to generate repeat business.



Target Acquires Shipt Delivery Platform for $550m

Aiming squarely at Amazon and Walmart, Target will begin offering same-day delivery for all of its stores in time for the 2018 holiday season. 


New Vulnerability Uncovered by Engineers at Princeton

Software developers have released PinMe, a proof-of-concept app for Android and iOS that uses only network and non-GPS sensor data on a device to track the device's movements.


Ingestible Sensor Might Help Prevent Opioid Abuse

Paired with a wearable reader, a new "digital pill" can report how prescription pain killers are used, with the goal of preventing dependency and diversion.


Google Releases DeepVariant to the Public

Google's AI tool improves the accuracy of genetic sequencing, won the 2016 PrecisionFDA Truth Challenge, and is now open source on the Google Cloud Platform.


'Android Things' Preview 6 Adds LoWPAN

The latest IoT for Android developer platform is based on API 27 and includes an IoT Launcher, command-line device flashing and an API for low-power wireless personal area networks (LoWPAN).


Vulnerabilities Hit Android Studio, Other IDEs


A rogue version of the DocumentBuilderFactor XML parser is the culprit in the latest attacks, which reportedly are equally dangerous to Android Studio, Eclipse and IntelliJ IDEA.