DEVTALK - Wednesday, June 20, 2018 10:00 AM CDT - Securing Your Device

Android prides itself on the security of the operating system and every new iteration of the platform enhances the security of both the hardware and the software. At Zebra, we take a proactive approach to Android security and in this talk we will walk you through some of the techniques we expose in addition to the standard Android security model:

  • Pro-grammatically encrypt the SD card all the way back to JellyBean
  • Detect threats such as your device being rooted or your EMM client being compromised
  • Take countermeasures if a threat is detected such as wiping your encryption keys or factory resetting the device
  • Sign your applications to prevent unauthorized parties from spoofing your application package name
  • Control user access to the camera, USB, unknown app installation and more all without use of an EMM

Presenter: Darryn Campbell, Software Architect, Zebra Technologies