Industry News - Week of Sep. 24, 2018

IN THIS ISSUE: VSCode Manages GitHub Pull Requests; State of the Developer Nation; IBM Tools Check for Bias; Google's Rugged Recommendations; DHS Warning for Honeywell; Blockchain Myths Debunked

VSCode Manages GitHub Pull Requests


Microsoft has released a public preview for its VSCode​ editor that allows developers to review code-change requests from github.

State of the (Developer) Nation

The 15th annual report of the state of the developer economy is out, and includes survey data from more than 20,000 devs of every stripe.

IBM Releases Fairness 360 Kit

Can software have racial or gender bias? IBM thinks so, and released Fairness 360 Kit open source tools to help keep tech firms in check.

Android Enterprise Recommended.png

Google Recommends Rugged Devices

Google has added a "rugged devices" category to its Android Enterprise Recommended program, which helps companies select the best.

Security Warning for Honeywell Devices

The U.S. Department of Homeland Security has warned of a privilege escalation vulnerability in Honeywell Android devices.

Blockchain Myths Debunked

For anyone who still doesn't understand what blockchain is and is not, here's a 5-part primer on some of the most common misconceptions.