Hit pause on all of the ubiquitous holiday cheer and ignore the cold—for just a moment—and make a mental note to mark May 9-11 on next year’s calendar.  Because that’s when anyone focused on building or deploying enterprise software will want to be in Las Vegas attending APPFORUM 2017, Zebra’s Enterprise Software Conference Series. 


We’re already deep in the planning of our three-day collaborative learning workshop that has continued to take attendees to technology’s cutting edge since 2012. But this year we’re going outside of the striped box to follow a broader approach that encompasses enterprise software and industry trends in addition to offering opportunities for hands-on learning about and coding for Zebra tools and devices.


In addition, we’re bringing a number of high-level industry experts in to speak. And yes, the rumors are true. GOOGLE is confirmed on our roster and will be giving the keynote address at all four of APPFORUM’s regional events. Conversations are also ongoing with a number of other major players who shall not (as yet) be named. The plan is to bring in a host of industry power houses for their insight and inspiration. 


We’re also casting a wider net to attract a few different kinds of conference attendees. In addition to rounding up the usual crowd, we’ll be inviting our exalted CTOs (who struggle to keep up with the constant change in the software space, no matter what they tell you) to join us.  We want to gather people from the entire Enterprise Software community—from Zebra ISVs, Resellers, end-users and independents to CTOs, Technical Architects and Developers. We will share trends, technical tools, and expert tips on how to architect, develop, deploy and manage apps for the enterprise.


Finally, we’re putting together our agenda sessions with a more expansive, yet refined, eye. Added to the technical deep dives for developers, we’ll also present thought leadership pieces from industry leading partners. We’ve honed our cutting edge topics and added items such as cross-platform trends, automated sensing, and analytics to the more foundational subjects like security, Operating System trends and features, or the Internet of Things.


It’s time to innovate, engage and transform. Plan to do all of that and more at APPFORUM 2017.

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