Developers have been APPFORUM’s bread and butter crowd ever since Zebra began driving this event several years ago. And while we’re expanding the audience for this year’s conference to include anyone focused on architecting, developing, building, deploying or managing apps for the enterprise, we’ve planned—as we always do—targeted learning, amazing networking and a host of specialized sessions that speak straight to independent developers, end-users and ISVs.

Developers that come to APPFORUM can look forward to:

a LOT of Sample Code – The more developers you know, the greater your access to sample code. Come to APPFORUM to meet an entire conference center full of developers and make your life easier with more access to the thing that gives every developer a jump start, keeps them running, and expedites their goal of trying to get something completed in an expeditious way.

Hearing Directly from Google and Microsoft: We’re incredibly excited to be hosting Google and Microsoft as APPFORUM keynote speakers. Developers will have the opportunity to broaden their minds beyond Zebra’s portfolio when they hear Google’s plans for the enterprise space (in view of its recent exclusive arrangement with Zebra), and Microsoft’s point of view on mobility and their latest offerings.

Gaining an Industry Perspective from Tech Leaders: APPFORUM’s Day One Agenda offers a separate track for CIOs and CTOs that will include a Tech Leader Panel Discussion that covers use cases and pain points across the verticals. Developers can expand their ideas and learn from the big cheese when they step outside the development realm to hear what top industry representatives are thinking about.

Learning a Thing or Two (or Three) about Verticals: Our developer audience typically comes from the enterprise and works within one of the retail, manufacturing T&L or healthcare verticals. With deep dive talks around our solutions as well as the challenges and pain points that the industry is facing within each vertical, Developers at APPFORUM can get better at their current vertical and learn something different about a new one.

Getting a First Look at New Products and Technologies: We’ll be giving developers an advance look new technology like the Mobile Dimensioning adapter (for the T&L vertical) that photographs packages to give carriers accurate parcel dimensions, with significant dollar savings. Developers at APPFORUM can get a first glimpse (and some hands-on time) with Zebra’s new wave of next-gen technology.

Sessions on Data-Capture, Printers and Services: Developers can benefit from data-capture-centric sessions that focus on barcode scanning with DataWedge and multi-barcodes with Simulscan; printer-focused sessions about how to integrate printer capabilities into an app with web printing, Link-OS and RFID; and service-related sessions on Zebra’s Operational Visibility Service and the service Zebra offers to accelerate Windows applications to Android.

Sessions in Spanish:  APPFORUM AMERICAS will be offering sessions in Spanish for Latin American attendees. These include how to take an app to market and grow in Latin America, as well as offerings about the printing side of Zebra and Link-OS, and a session about Enterprise Browser.

Workshops, Mini-Hacks and Demos: We’ll have workshops where you bring your laptop and ideas to deep dive into technology and coding solutions. Developers can also prepare for battle with short, casual mini-hack challenges that give you a chance to play with technology by facing off against fellow developers in intense matches that incorporate battery management, browser print, building an enterprise android app in 15 minutes or less, and more. Finally, get ready to be amazed by short, hands-on technology demos led by experts who will walk you through new features and functionality.

Meeting the Zebra Brain Trust for Future Impact: Developers will be able to meet Zebra software designers and tech experts and thereby position themselves to influence upcoming enhancements or even future development. Developers and our product engineers will also experience cross-sharing benefits during discussions about mutual challenges and pain points.

Gaining Insight from other Developers: During our three-day app fest, Developers can naturally talk to others like themselves, with an idea of trying to figure out how peers solve their own real-world business problems. Pick up on a new way to use tools and utilities for integrating applications and managing devices, or discover different ways to approach using and structuring Android applications, just by breathing in the APPFORUM air.

For developers, escaping from behind the screen to network and connect with others in the community is becoming even more important as we witness a trend in the enterprise towards development and software support. Now more than ever, it’s critical that developers take time out of their regular workspace and environment to refresh their minds, open themselves to new ideas, and gain inspiration from others. These are the best, most valuable reasons to attend APPFORUM.

Look forward to extracting all the potent “juice” that Zebra will be serving up to developers at APPFORUM 2017 in the Americas at Planet Hollywood. Las Vegas May 9-11th and in Europe June 14-16, 2017 in Prague, Czech Republic.  Register today  to take advantage of special event pricing and discounted room rates.