The instructions below and attached utility show how the LifeGuard patch version can be accessed in the SOTI MobiControl console which allows tracking of which patch version is applied to devices under SOTI management. Note that not all Zebra Android devices report the patch version but it should work on all devices running Lollipop or later OS builds.


Note : this utility is unsupported i.e. use at your own risk


1.       Install and run GetPatchVer.apk. This will write the patchver.ini file in the root of the internal sdcard each time it is run.


2.      In MobiControl console , right click on the target device to access menu and then select Advanced Settings/Custom Data

3.      Click Override Settings Inherited from Parent Group and select Enable Custom Data Configuration – Click New to create new custom data collection rule



4.        Enter name and Build Expression as shown below




5.    Once custom data rule is defined, force device to reconnect and custom data should appear in Information panel as shown below