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The Latest Link-OS .Net SDK Updates for Printers

In Zebra’s new .NET SDK for Windows 7, 8.1 and 10, you’ll find most of the great APIs from our Java SDK, comprehensive documentation and sample code. This release includes everything from connection classes for network, USB and Bluetooth (Windows 10 only), to settings and graphics functions.


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DEVTALK Webinar: Aim and Optimize with SimulScan - The Developer’s Approach

February 21
10 a.m. CDT









GMS Blog Series: Preventing Unattended Application Updates Initiated Via the Play Store

Ready to deploy an app in the enterprise? Before you trigger a GMS deployment in the enterprise, consider recommended techniques to prevent an application from automatically updating, types of updates Android devices are subject to, and certain approaches to avoid automatic updates.

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Zebra DEVPODCAST: What’s In It for Me? The Ins and Outs of Developing for Zebra

In this podcast, Dan Quagliana, Zebra’s head of global developer relations, talks about our developer community, what it means to be part of that network and why you should develop for Zebra tools and solutions.

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GMS Blog Series: Application Deltas Between Android GMS and AOSP

Curious about which Android apps are included with Google Mobile Services but not the Android Open Source Project? Want to know GMS and AOSP equivalent apps? Looking to enable or disable specific apps? In this blog, Zebra’s Darryn Campbell answers these questions and more.

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GMS Blog Series: The Managed Google Play Store

A significant change between GMS and non-GMS is the introduction of the Play Store, Google’s app to distribute applications. Google Play has its own terms of service but uses Google’s overall privacy policy. Consider variances between the Play Store and the Managed Play store before developing.

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Become A Zebra Printing Android Developer in Five Steps

No matter your experience level, you can learn how to develop Android applications for Zebra printers in five easy steps!

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EMDK for Android in Multi-Activity App

Discover how to employ EMDK libraries and implement the full feature set of EMDK-for-Android in an efficient manner. Find out about EMDK for Android in a Multi Activity App.

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