Zebra DEVPODCAST: It’s Not Just About Developing! Capturing Useful Data for SMB’s

No matter your business size, capturing data is crucial in today’s economy. Zebra Technologies Developer Community member Motoscan from Norris Print understands the importance of helping the growing small and medium sized business (SMB) market and has developed data capture tools for the Android platform through its partnership with Zebra Technologies.  Jacob Norris, founder of Norris Print, joined Dan Quagliana, Head of Developer Relations at Zebra Technologies, to discuss data capture and developing for Android.

Motoscan, from Norris Print, has an easy-to-use framework allowing companies to mold and adapt to their own needs. It’s utilized on Zebra centric devices and non-Zebra devices.  With this easy to understand application, users can change languages, it can be used in high risk environments, and it can even take photos and document concerns. It reduces worker errors, allowing them to be in the field doing more work. It’s a centralized mobile solution working within the cloud to centralize data, mobility and IoT and it’s available for the Microsoft Windows CE and Android operating systems.

You’ll learn from this podcast that development is not only about developing apps. It’s imperative to understand customer pain points, look at what their specific needs are and identifying the tools that get more out of the device one is using. With development it’s about the test, deployment, management, looking at the full life cycle and how the app and device with be used together to get the most out of that device. With Zebra’s Lifeguard on top of this, you’ll have a safeguard with security updates for the lifecyle of those mobile devices, which is typically five years.

Jacob Norris shares how they have partnered with Zebra and went through an effective, engaging validation process for Motoscan. They have a good dialogue with Zebra and the support they received throughout the validation process, including awareness of technical details on the wide range of devices the application may operate on, was excellent.

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