TC55 EAP Partners

Congratulations to our EAP TC55 partners that completed a great set of applications for the TC55 device!



Company nameApplication NameApplication Description
Airclic, Inc.Airclic Perform® With more than a decade of experience delivering advanced cloud-based mobile solutions for global companies, Airclic has developed its Perform® product line. Our Perform products combine the Company’s Mobile Performance Platform® with industry-specific features and functionality. This combination enables Airclic to deliver highly targeted, proven products to address the specific challenges and goals of each market. Airclic’s Perform® mobile software products are scalable, reliable and hardware independent, helping our customers drive efficiencies and productivity to measurably reduce costs and increase service.
ALK Technologies Inc.CoPilot® Truck™CoPilot® Truck™ is an integrated, truck-specific GPS navigation solution that takes into account truck-restricted and prohibited roads to provide drivers’ safe and reliable navigation on truck-legal roads.  Map data and routing software are stored on-board the device for optimal route calculation with no reliance on continuous mobile data downloads. 
ALK Technologies Inc.CoPilot® ProfessionalCoPilot® Live™ Professional is a flexible software and services platform that enables enterprises to deploy integrated, commercial grade turn-by-turn navigation as part of their mobile workforce strategy.  Map data and routing software are stored on-board the device for optimal route calculation with no reliance on continuous mobile data downloads. 
ApachetaServiceACEServiceACE is a mobile field service application that lets you automate your break-fix and preventative maintenance operations. With ServiceACE you can streamline your mobile service operations to increase productivity and exceed customers expectations by arriving on time and fixing it right the first time.
appformatics.comScan2showScan2show is a versatile server look-up tool for Android. It is configured using a Configuration Tool for Microsoft Windows which allows flexible configuration of the user interface as well as defining the server addresses and data transfer mechanisms. The information display is based on HTML.
Barcoding IncCaptureSoft eXpressCaptureSoft eXpress enables customers to build simple data capture applications for Motorola mobile devices without any programming knowledge or experience. With CaptureSoft eXpress, customers can create applications for Based Data Entry, Fixed Assets Tracking, Inventory Management, Package Tracking, Shipping/Receiving, Equipment Inspection, Package Tracking, Shipping/Receiving, and Equipment Inspection.
BMB Marketing SystemsSFA (sales force automation)Our SFA provides a mechanism for collecting, storing, analyzing and distributing customer related data to salespeople and managers. It automates and streamlines business tasks. It manages your accounts, contacts, opportunities and sales pipelines. It refines your sales Activities and Forecasting Analysis. It quantifies your sales fleet performance through a variety of constructive KPIs
Canvas Solutions, Inc.CanvasCanvas is an application and online platform that enables you to create, download, and/or customize paper forms as mobile apps, and works on virtually all devices, smartphones, tablets, etc. It enables businesses to easily replace their paper forms and quickly improve the efficiency of their data collection process.
CheckMobile GmbHCM3Our comprehensive software provides mobile and web-based solutions and flexible execution of barcode scanning, order picking, warehousing, route planning, digital signature and more. We achieve this through standardized, international and secure processes that can be configured to meet any customer demands.
Commzgate Latin America S.A.Field Service Coordination SystemOur field services coordination system has the following functions:Assign work order to technicians on the field. Field activities monitored on a web based system (on line). Keeps history of all activities at the equipment level, customer level and work orders management  by tech personnel . Reports From mobile system online of all events including, pictures, customer signatures, GPS locations and data related to the work order.
Complete InnovationsCourier Complete® Our enterprise-grade platform provides an all-in-one solution to manage your mobile workers. From work-order dispatching to routing, scheduling, pricing, billing, Courier Complete is ideal for your field-services or delivery business.
Decision Point SystemsAPEXWare™ Field Service (FS)APEXWare™ Field Service (FS) enables you to capture lost revenue, provide proof of service delivery, reduce inventory shrinkage, and reduce back office administration. A field deployment of wireless handheld devices with integrated bar code scanners enables your business to run completely paperless. APEXWare™ FS is also offered as a hosted model, thus eliminating the need for costly IT infrastructure (on-site server, IT resources).
E LINKX a.s.xQual 1.0, part of elogis WMS solutionxQual is application for field quality management. It enables users in manufacture or warehouses categorise and take  a screenshots of products and thus enhace quality management. It uses built in camera, barcode reader, power and connection management. It is design as hybrid application, so it can be easily ported onto different Android or other mobile OS platforms.
EDICIAIPV & Ipolice- IPV is a legal application connected to the government backoffice to assign Fines. It is subject to homologation by the government.
The policeman enter the plate number, address, description of the fact and the Fines is transmitted to the backoffice.
- Ipolice is the mobile part of our web application that managed all the activities of a police center ( Events log, claim, lost object, dangerous animals, planning, weapons repository and authorization ...)
EMSER PORTABLE SOLUTIONSAUTOTRADERAutotrader is a complete solution of sales force automation, with 15 years in the market. The main functionalities of Autotrader are: routes, order taking, collections, dashboard, real time inventory, combos, historical information, etc.
Autotrader guarantees a quick return of investment through the following advantages:  increase of sales force effectiveness, proof of delivery tracking, detailed account management, overdue monitoring, sales force alignment to the company´s revenue goals, etc.
Field IDField IDField ID is an innovative solution that uses combination of electronic identification (RFID & barcodes), mobile devices and the Web to automate Inspection and Safety Compliance Management (ISCM). At Field ID, we help organizations around the world focus on increasing workplace safety, reducing liability, and eliminating the problems that come with pen-and-paper-based safety management.
FieldWorker Products Ltd.FieldWorker Enterprise Mobile SolutionRAD TOOL ENVIRONMENT : Flexible and extensible, FieldWorker is designed to allow you to build complex applications in a matter of days – not weeks or months. EASE OF ADMINISTRATION : With FieldWorker Enterprise, we provide you with an Administration tool that allows you to manage applications and user deployment from an easy-to-use graphical user interface.  FieldWorker is designed to allow for knowledge transfer of our standard tools and services so that once an implementation is complete, you are self-sufficient and able to change existing applications and implement new applications. 
GenestaSyvoxThe SyVox Client, a user interface tool, delivers speech recognition based applications in industrial environments.
GoDB TECH PRIVATE LIMITEDCloware Order Management ServiceOMS (as in Order Management System) is one of the Cloud based services under Cloware brand, which provides an Order management Software as a Service (SaaS) for mobile and semi-mobile devices: No expensive server infrastructure required, No worries about software licensing, No hassles of server maintenance and updates, Just pay monthly and start using the Ordering Service !
IBEX SolutionsField Service ManagementField Service Management allows  Intelligent Dispatch, Work Order Tracking and Inventory management. To get the right resources assigned to the right tasks, at the right time.
A quick scan of the bar code on the equipment to be serviced displays the electronic work order, with links to past service records and detailed repair routines with ability to fill any kind of dynamic report.
No paperwork to complete later and invoices can be issued the same day, with integrated GPS, real time directions with ability to monitor the location of technicians in the field ensures that the right technician arrives at the right job — on time, every time.
KNKKnk DeliveryThis solution is used by drivers to follow their delivery on the field. After synchronization, driver can consult his roadmap for the day. At the beginning of the day, driver will valid loading data.  Aid to navigation function will help driver to go to each customer.After arriving at customer place, driver will valid delivery data. If there is some problem, driver can use camera to take picture. He can also write customer reservation.
Solution can use 1D barcode, 2 barcode or RFID tag to facilitate loading and delivery operations.
Kutir MobilityAsset TrackerAsset Tracker, created with RhoMobile for the ET1, MC40 and TC55, uses barcode scanning, pictures, text, GPS and signature capture, stores operational data on the mobile device which is synchronized with a remote database when either wif-fi or WWAN is established.  Adapts to many vertical markets.
MEVO Pte LtdMEVO Mobile Distribution SystemMEVO Mobile Distribution System is a comprehensive distribution management solution that empowers an organization’s field personnel to do Lower-Trade/General-Trade (provision shops, restaurants, wet market etc) distribution for both perishable and non-perishable products. This is best suited for organizations with huge inventories and an extensive network of lower-trade retailers.
Mobile EpiphanyTouch MobileTouch Mobile is a business process application created by Mobile Epiphany. It combines the proven power of best-of-breed user interface with intuitive enterprise workflow. What does this result in? It produces a mobile solution that’s easy to customize and easier to learn. It’s true user-friendly technology. Touch Mobile is available on all of today’s consumer and rugged tablets and handheld phones. Use Touch Mobile on the consumer or rugged device of your organization’s choosing and discover how your process can be mastered in today’s mobile world.
Nortia ITNortia Sales Force"Nortia Sales Force Mobile", that is a mobile solution for making pre-orders anywhere, easily integrated to your company's ERP using mobile devices equipped with a portable thermal printer, proving an innovative and valuable asset to the sales force, improving the customer purchase experience. Desenvolvemos a solução de vendas móvel "Nortia Sales Force  Mobile", que se integra ao ERP do cliente e utiliza dispositivos móveis em conjunto com uma impressora portátil, proporcionando mobilidade e agilidade ao vendedor para realizar o melhor atendimento e concretizar vendas com eficiência.
O’Neil Software RSMobileRSMobile® software was previously a recipient of the Motorola® Enterprise Mobility Solutions Award for the North American Region and is connected from anywhere.  When installed onto a Motorola wireless-enabled handheld, it empowers users with feature-rich functionality that could only be previously realized at the workstation.  Activities such as downloading/uploading pick lists and work orders; creating route operations assignments; uploading truck, work order and delivery validations. Tasks can now be completed directly from user handhelds, saving time and money.
Quest SolutionQuest Solution Order EntryQuestSolution Order Entry running on a portable device can end the “blind order” aspect of current systems by providing the much needed information to the mobile worker. The quality of information exchanged between your field associates and corporate office determines the efficiency of your process.
RES Malaysia Sdn BhdRES Field ForceThe solution is part of field service automation. Field service technicians use the app to capture service information using their mobile device. This information is saved on the mobile device and transmitted back to the main field service system for further processing.
Salamander Technologies, Inc.01 TAG01 TAG:  Allows responders to turn their phone into an identity alternative at an incident by creating a QR Code or utilizing RFID in NFC compatible smartphones.
Salamander Technologies, Inc. 02 TRACK02 TRACK:  NIMS compliant incident management software for smartphone and tablets to track all resources and victims at an incident or event.
SkillwebSmartTask Attend for Security Guards“SmartTask Attend guard and security management solution.  Brings together all the best tracking and rostering technology available to reduce costs and improve compliance inb a simple to use SaaS offering. Solution includes use of  NFC and QR codes . It replaces Paper based systems and security wands to provide a central, complete attendance solution.
SkillwebSmartTask PODSmartTask POD is the first Enterprise and SME proof of delivery application to utilize the Android platform on a rugged enterprise device. The Solution is both scalable and has a roadmoap fit for the future.  Protecting both your hardware and software investment, The SAAS  product is both scalable and easy to use.
Talecom LimitedOptimum Driver BehaviourOptimum is a mobile application that can help improve driving behaviour instantly.  Detects Harsh Acceleration, Harsh Braking and Harsh cornering, providing instant feedback to the user and instant feedback to the back office also.  Save over 20% on fuel bills, reduce accidents and save on service costs, tyres and brakes. Optimum is available on all major operating systems. This unique product is now available as a portable solution, making it available to a wider market and eliminating expensive ‘black-box’ device installation.
Talecom LimitedWireless Delivered ®Wireless Delivered® mobilises field workers, taking existing paper based processes away and converting them into mobile applications, making users more efficient and far more productive. Wireless Delivered is provided with an instant return on Investment, No capital expenditure, just a simple fixed monthly fee, with all development costs included for the lifetime of the contract. The software is configured to replicate the paper processes that a field worker and office worker have to complete in order for a job to be processed, delivered and invoiced. The software is installed onto a mobile device which the field worker can then use to receive, track and complete jobs while out on the road. The information can be communicated from the mobile device to the back office system and back again, in real time, via a GPRS/3G or WIFI network.
TelogisTelogis WorkPlanTelogis provides platform integrated solutions in four core areas for large enterprise Fleets:
• Telogis Fleet – Manages vehicle and asset ROI trends including utilization, fuel spend, vehicle safety and performance.
• Telogis Route – Optimizes routing and scheduling.
• Telogis Progression - Provides real-time job management and monitoring.
• Telogis WorkPlan –  Automates driver work order processes. 

Telogis WorkPlan is compatible with Motorola  Android ruggedized handheld device and tablets providing enterprise fleets with a solution that can withstand the demands and rigorous uses of drivers in the field every day. 

The combination of the Telogis Platform and Telogis WorkPlan helps enterprises get to jobs faster:
• Customer Work Order Forms - Capture the required feedback from your drivers in real time for customer work orders.
• Job Management – Integration with the Telogis Platform provides real-time feedback for ETA management and a variety of Enterprise Resource Planning connectors.
• Automated Inspection – DOT compliant forms and reports with Verifiable Walk Around insures drivers complete required pre and post trip inspections.
• Hours of Service Compliance – Electronic capture of HOS data with automated vehicle assignments allow drivers to focus on tasks and customers instead of logs.
• Navigation – leverage the latest navigation technology, including Telogis Navigation, to ensure fleets drive on the safest most fuel efficient routes.
• Driver Safety – Add Telogis Coach and Telogis DriveSafe to proactively monitor and measure driver safety and scorecards as well as enforce distracted driving policies.

Mobile Work Order and Compliance done right from Telogis and Motorola.
Tohoku Systems Support Co.,Ltd.MONISTOR“MONISTOR” is a solution of the asset management. This solution answers the question in the asset management.
For example…
*”Where” is the asset.
*”Who” is using the asset.
*”When” can the asset be used.
Uberall Corporation S.A. UberServicesUberservices is an application especially designed to optimize field operations services. This solution enables field workers to keep in touch with office 24x7 and provides full visibility into real-time operations. Allowing managers and supervisors to make better and faster business decisions involving cost savings, time and resources.
Velocitor SolutionsRoute PODApplication will contain the following components: Proof of delivery, signature capture, routing/GPS turn by turn, inventory management, barcode ID, WWAN for real time data, vehicle inspection.
XRS CorporationXRSThe new XRS wireless data collection and analysis system is the first fully functional mobile solution for the trucking industry. XRS keeps drivers and fleets compliant with government regulations. It helps trucking firms slash costs, reduce accidents and makes life easier for drivers. It’s focused on the wireless device that goes wherever the driver does. XRS is a convergence of wireless trends in the important trucking industry: It goes anywhere because it’s mobile; it is flexible because it’s in the cloud; it is social because it operates on the driver’s device used for personal business and communication; and XRS software collects and manages mission-critical compliance