Android Unzip Utility

The purpose of this utility is to allow easy unzip of any files + folders contained in a standard zip archive onto a Zebra Android device. The content of the zip file can be any file type which is supported under Android including APK files, multimedia files, HTML etc etc . It will support sub-folders (note that maximum depth of sub-folders has not been verified) and allows the destination folder to be specified via an intent which can be easily configured in a StageNow profile or via a MDM tool such as SOTI.

Note that this is an unreleased/unsupported app so please test thoroughly before deployment and use at your own risk.

   This utility can be used as follows:

1.       Zip the required files + folders using a standard zip method such as the integrated File Manager zip feature in Windows 7 onwards

2.       Transfer the zip file to the required location on the device e.g. using StageNow FileMgr or a MDM file sync rule

3.       Transfer and install the ds_unzip.apk file onto the target device

4.       Start the unzip process using an intent which specifies the source path + filename and the destination path (which will be the top level path for any zipped folders). For example, using StageNow the intent XML will be as follows. Note that the extra argument 1 is the path + filename of the zip archive and extra argument 2 is the path to the folder where the file will be unzipped.


  <characteristic version="4.3" type="Intent">

    <parm name="Action" value="StartActivity" />

    <parm name="ActionName" value="android.intent.action.MAIN" />

    <parm name="Package" value="com.zebra.ih.ds_unzip" />

    <parm name="Class" value="com.smartphoneremote.androidscriptfree.AndroidScriptFree" />

    <characteristic type="Extra">

      <parm name="ExtraType" value="string" />

      <parm name="ExtraName" value="arg1" />

      <parm name="ExtraValue" value="/sdcard/" />


    <characteristic type="Extra1">

      <parm name="Extra1Type" value="string" />

      <parm name="Extra1Name" value="arg2" />

      <parm name="Extra1Value" value="/sdcard/test" />




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Ive been here before and wished there to be a means to extract a zip file via scripted code but thats as far as I went.  Thank you sir.. can't wait to give it a burl.