Industry News - Week of May 7, 2018

THIS WEEK: TC Sessions Robotics 2018 Show; Google Launches '.app' TLD; The Future of Healthcare IT; Code Refactoring with Android Studio; Front-End Development Handbook 2018; Google Halts Nougat Certification for New Devices

How To Automate Code Refactoring in Android Studio

Jeroen Mols, lead Android developer at Phillips, shows how Android Studio can be used to automate the task of improving program design.

An energy-efficient non-anthropomorphic bipedal robotics system:

This is just one of the many technologies that can be seen at TC Sessions Robotics 2018​, this Friday, May 11, at UC Berkley.

Google Launches '.app' Top-Level Domain

Company's latest TLD defaults to HTTPS, offering a secure home for apps and deep-links to in-app functionality. Early access ends May 7.

The Future of IT in Healthcare

Setting up IT solutions for the healthcare industry? Here are some important things to know.

Incredible Advancements in Robotics

Report: One in Five APKs are Vulnerable

An April report by South Korean researcher Insignary​​​​ found security flaws in 20 percent of the 700 most popular apps in the Google Play store.

Things Every Front-End Developer Should Know

The Frontend Masters Handbook 2018 contains the latest tools, techniques and tricks for building a great user experience.

Android Version Distro Dashboard

Ever wondered which hardware and Android version your apps are being installed upon? The Android Distro Dashboard has the answers.

Google: New Android Devices Will Not Come with Nougat

Google will no longer certify new devices if the intention is to launch with Android Nougat. Period.

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